The brand experience agency specialised in marketing to the electronic music scene

Meet Bright Minds, a brand new agency with a passion for creating beautiful and engaging content, campaigns and brand partnerships. Founded by Remko Gorter, former marketing manager of the Amsterdam Dance Event, Bright Minds has a track record of 10 years in marketing to the electronic music scene.

Highly Flexible Services At Competitive Rates
We help brands and events find their way in today’s fragmented marketing landscape in order to develop a future proof strategy that empowers businesses. With our extensive network we can offer highly flexible and tailor-made solutions at competitive rates.

We are specialised in:

A Customer Centric Approach to Marketing
At the core of all our services lies today’s digital technology, which enables brands to personalise brand experiences like never before by the effective use of CRM, marketing automation, analytics and a range of other data driven tools to help deliver content and campaigns to the people that matter most.


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